Gorgeous Lady's


                 Chrisi French                                Kerry  Menck                                      Tamara Castle                           Jade  Collins        

       Jess                                                                                                                                         Rikki White                      Adrienne Symons


          Malinda Kay                         Sydney Greer                 Lyssa Dow



                            Miss Ainsley in the Cupcake, Lemon and Watermelom Skirt from Unique Vintage.2016


Camilla Perry in the Bettie Page Sugar Beat Fiesta Dress  2016         Rhianna Robertson in the Tatyana Seduction Grown 2015



                    Sherry and my self  28th July 2013                                           Jade in a Tatyana Dress 


    Chrisi French 23/6/2014 in a Chic Star Dress                                             Greazefest 2 August 2014

                                                                             Ruby Chrissy

                                                                 Photos by KTB Photographer 2016


                                                        Belinda in my unique vintage December 2016

                                                    Rockin Jimmys Fashion Show 08/07/2017   

                                                   Photos By Funhouse Photography  Metthew




              Tina-Louise King                                            Deeshy  Dee                                      Vicky Shield   


              Melissa   Noack                             Starlette Roxy-Rocket                  Temanu O'Brien


           Amy Armstrong                                              Dan X                                     Kitty Sapphire


        Kyira Gardiner                                        Jessica  Kiddle                              Miss Baby Blade



           Sue Christian                                                                                                      Louise Davis 


                  Dan X                                                                     Jody


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